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18 Dragon's Prophet gold Conversation Recommendations

The timer only has a few days left until Dragon's Prophet emerges from Dragon's Prophet gold beta cocoon and becomes a fire-breathing butterfly. Does that faze the devs? Not so much; they're quite excited to take this dragon-taming MMO to the big leagues.Back in June we reported that Infernum Productions was holding a costume contest for Dragon's Prophet EU and a special fashion show for the best at Gamescom called Dragon Cosplay Summit 2013. The game itself may still be in beta, but the players released some impressive skills to create a variety of DP themed costumes to take part in the show.
In the end, only one was crowned the winner with the €2,500 worth of prizes and the ability to design a virtual costume to be added into the game -- Laura "Lightning" Jansen.Think of frontiers as tiny countries, each with a citadel and several plots of land. Players can settle on one of these plots and build a home there, but it's important to settle wisely, as whoever controls the island will be able to levy taxes and control how players collect resources in the area.Even though open world PvP will rage through these frontiers, player houses will be protected from the onslaught. Instead, the invading alliance will need to secure objectives before being able to assault the citadel directly.If you've played the beta and maxed out a character already, there will still be advancement for you waiting at launch.
The Dragon's Prophet gold adding in a new high-level zone called Inartia and bumping up the level cap from 70 to 80.Some weeks, there's so much going on with beta testing you can barely account for all of it. This week was not one of those weeks. Heck, the biggest news remotely related to betas was Funcom's dipping into LEGO MMO waters. It's not in testing, but it should provide a test to look forward to for LEGO Universe fans.Inartia is connected to the Wintertide region in both proximity and story. Visually, Inartia has three looks to it: the snowy landscape of the south, the temperate forest of the center, and the blasted region of the north.Tick tock, Dragon's Prophet players. Launch is right around the corner, and you've got a world ready for taming.Experience it all for yourself in the video after the break. And if you are in the Seattle area over the weekend, stop by Dragon's Prophet's PAX Prime 2013 booth (#3336), during expo hours to play the game, chat with devs, and win some swag.

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